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Finding Your Voice: Discover Your Choices ? A Collection of Writing to Celebrate International Women?s Day

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Books to celebrate International Women's Day

By Roz Bound

Every year in Prince Edward County, International Women?s Day is recognized with a programme of drumming, songs, words, drama and reflections. But the theme lingers on for much longer. Every year, IWD?s unique theme is remembered in a book of poems and prose written by local writers, who eagerly respond to each January?s call for submissions. All of the pieces are displayed for the celebration and a few are read during the programme. Then the collection is put together between delightfully quirky covers created by local artist Joan Churchill, ready for launching on Mother?s Day when all the pieces are read. Initiated by Vivien Taylor in 1998, with Words of Peace, this is a true community project. Each year, several strong and creative women from the County graciously sponsor part of the printing costs for the book and the launch is always a very special afternoon.

For information on any of the six collections, some of which are for sale at Books & Co. in Picton, e-mail Roz Bound at [email protected]. This year?s theme is Finding Your Voice: Discover Your Choices and its delightfully purple-covered launch will be on May 11th at 2:00 pm at Books & Co. in Picton. You are welcome!

In "the County," Roz Bound facilitates writing workshops, bi-monthly Open Floor nights, founded the ?In-formed Poets? group and coordinates an annual anthology of local writers every International Women?s Day. Her poems and essays have been published in magazines and books in North America and England, including A Room of Her Own. Roz?s first poetry collection, Spirit of Lyme (2003), is now in its third printing. The Fireman?s Child (2012), honours a journey of compassion and forgiveness.

For more information about The Fireman?s Child please visit the SoulSpirit website.

Buy this book at Books & Company in Picton or online at Roz Bound?s website SoulSpirit.

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